February 2019 LobStar: 
Meet Sam Garber

Born in NYC but raised in San Francisco, Sam Garber found himself back in New York when he attended the Stella Adler Studio of Acting at NYU. After graduating and looking for some part-time work, Sam thought back on his many visits to Luke's in the East Village and figured, if he liked eating there, he might like working there.

As part of the post-Hurricane Sandy team after our FiDi shack closed for several months in 2012, Sam’s been crushing rolls at Luke’s now for almost 6 years. Considered "the mayor" by his team, Sam's been known to recognize not just regular guests' orders, but their online orders as well.

While several hours of his week are spent making lobster rolls, his passion is acting, whether in a web series, public access talk shows, or on stage, in a 5 1/2 hour long play with breaks for dinner and dessert (the performance he will remember the most, he says). Be sure to give him a shout next time you’re in our FiDi shack!


January 2019 LobStar: 
Meet Tiffany Patterson

Tiffany Patterson started at Luke’s over four years ago, and has made lobster rolls in most of our New York shacks since.
Currently at our Nomad shack on 25th Street, she spends half her time at Luke’s and the other half running two e-commerce businesses, a mobile nail spa, and a vegan catering business. Somehow she still has the energy to bring a smile while crushing rolls at Luke’s.
Originally from the Lower East Side, she now lives in Brooklyn, chasing after her two Jack Russells. Say hi to Tiffany next time you’re in our Nomad shack!


December 2018 LobStar: 
Meet Sierra Heinzman

We’re really lucky that Sierra Heinzman was working the dessert station at her last job in Philly when she realized she was looking for something a bit more fast paced (and also, she didn’t like dessert).
Enter her sister Brittah, who already worked at Luke’s in Rittenhouse, which led to Sierra joining the team a couple of years ago. She’s now a shiftleader and integral part of our Rittenhouse shack.
When she’s not crushing rolls (and maybe having a Crab Grilled Cheese on her break ), you might find her perfecting her sushi skills with the techniques she picked up in her culinary school training. You’re a LobStar, Sierra and we’re lucky to have ya!


October 2018 LobStar: 
Meet Davon Shelton

Davon Shelton was one of the original teammates who opened Luke’s Lobster City Hall in Chicago in 2015. He joined us as a teammate while finishing up college at Chicago State, where he studied Communications and graced the stage in theater performances and the mic in radio broadcasts. Davon continues his passion for communications and radio today in his weekly Friday radio show on WCSU, where he talks about the intersection of sports and music.

Davon’s the guy that you cannot talk to without breaking out in a smile, either from one of his Davon-isms (“Happy Friday Eve” if you meet him on a Thursday), or just because his own smile is so big you can’t help imitating. Davon is more than just tag lines—his genuine conversation with guests and helpful hospitality has earned him 10x more mentions in Yelp and Google reviews than any other teammate—all of them glowing. His infectious personality is what qualified him to be one of two shift leaders to head to San Francisco and open our newest shack —and he shined from open to close.

Congratulations Davon on going above and beyond to earn the first ever monthly Luke’s Teammate Spotlight!