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Luke's Lobster first opened its doors in the East Village in 2009. We now bring traceable sustainable seafood to guests across the country. To see how it all started, click here.

Maine-Style Seafood


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We serve seafood straight from the source, prepared pure and simple, without the filler. We pair our seafood with chowders and bisques, Maine-style sides, local desserts, natural sodas, and local microbrews (where the law lets us). We choose partners who uphold our commitment to sourcing superior, sustainable ingredients and strive to support other small businesses, many of which are based in Maine or local to the cities where we’ve opened shacks. Learn more about our food.

Traceable to the Harbor of Origin

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In order to make healthy, responsible decisions about what we eat, we must know where our food comes from and how it’s been harvested and handled. We are proud to be able to trace every pound of seafood we serve back to the harbor where it was sustainably caught and to support fishermen we know and trust. Learn more about our seafoods’ journey.

Preserving our Fisheries


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Preserving our fisheries will forever remain at the core of our business. We’re dedicated to the health of the shellfish in our waters and the fisherman who live off them. Preserving our fisheries allows for the success of future populations and ecosystems. We all must play an active role in ensuring our oceans continue to exist as a key source of food and livelihood for people all over the world. Learn more about our sustainable seafood.

Our Commitment to the Coasts


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We opened Luke’s Lobster with the vision of supporting and giving back to our local communities and to our Maine roots. Today, through our partnership and contributions to The Ocean Foundation, we work to support our coastal communities - the people and towns where our seafood comes from, and the waterways in and around the cities we call home - by funding activities that keep waters healthy and fishing communities strong. In 2018, we became a certified B Corporation, which represents our commitment to our team, our fishermen, our communities, and the environment. Learn more about our cause.