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a group of people wearing costumes

Maria Thomas

Director of People and Culture

Maria is a Maine native and proud of it. You can tell this from her Camden poster, bumper sticker, and license plate. Also when she shouts it at anyone who will listen.

Since her time joining People + Culture, Maria has revealed many talents including her love of accordions and predisposition to "aggressive sitting" which we assume she first developed riding motorcycles in California like a baller.

While she has formally requested there be no Sound of Music references, we insisted on including a list she turns to when feeling down:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,

Haribo gummies and scarves that keep twistin',

Leftovers in the fridge tied up with string,

These are a few of Maria's favorite things.

Oh and David Duchovny. David, if you're reading this, please call.