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a woman standing in front of a mountain

Cassandra Johnson

General Manager, Rittenhouse

In true Luke's fashion, Cassandra found her way to the company as a teammate through a Craigslist ad recruiting for the opening of our Rittenhouse shack in Philadelphia. From Teammate, to Shift Leader, to Senior Shift Leader, Cassandra grew to love lobster shack life so much so that - even when she took a brief sabbatical from the company to move to the 'burbs - Luke's was never far from her mind. As soon as she had the opportunity, she jumped back on the line as the GM of Rittenhouse. Now, 6 years from answering that fateful ad, she's followed the bright LobStar of Luke's all the way to San Francisco to GM our first west coast shack! When not slingin' lobster, you can find Cassandra... well, actually you probably can't find her. Because she's most likely at home with her husband and mustachio'd cat Tom Selleck or off exploring the wilds of California.