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a man wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Bob Nasr

General Manager, Midtown East

Bob hails from the San Francisco Bay Area where he had tragically never even heard of a lobster roll until moving to the east coast. It was love at first bite when Bob tried his first lobster roll and now he devotes his life to spreading the lobster gospel. Honestly he could have been a lobsterman if it weren't for his aversion to being on a boat for more than 10 minutes. Instead Bob works as the GM of the Midtown East shack and has been with Luke's since April 2018. Bob earned his nickname "Professor Nasr" from his time running Teammate Certification sessions for new teammates where he tests their knowledge on everything Luke's related. In his spare time Bob can be found singing everything from Britney Spears to Talking Heads (It's a wild wild life!) at Karaoke, performing with his coincidentally chowder themed improv team or writing ice cream reviews on twitter.