Community at Luke's

We opened Luke’s Lobster with the vision of supporting and giving back to our local communities and to our Maine roots. Today we strive to be active contributors and make a difference in each of the communities we touch. Our team loves nothing more than to get their hands dirty in the spirit of doing good.

Sustainable Waterways – Crew Cleanup

In the fall, we partner with an organization dedicated to maintaining sustainable local waterways in each of our cities. This is important not only for the health of our local ecosystems but also because every waterway eventually makes its way back to the sea. A plastic bottle dropped in a gutter in New York City can find its way in the belly of a sea creature, causing it harm, and causing us harm if it would have been our dinner. Preserving our fisheries begins with preserving our local waterways. You can make a difference – support us by choosing not to litter and properly recycling your waste. Each of our shack crews will be volunteering to pick up trash that is littering our waterways, ensuring that it is properly disposed of.

Soup to Soup Kitchen

Each December, we partner with local soup kitchens to raise funds to feed the homeless in each of our cities. Our crews also volunteer, serving the homeless and hungry in each of our neighborhoods.

Our Maine Roots

We work hard to support the sustainability of our fisheries, which is directly linked to the livelihood of the folks who work in the fishing communities our owners grew up in and treasure. For this reason we actively donate, sit on the boards of, and work closely with the following organizations.

Health and Wellness

Every year our teammates fundraise for the Susan G Komen and Movember foundations among other organizations to raise awareness about and support research for devastating conditions.

Our Small Business Partners

We aim to support Maine bred companies as well as partners in our neighborhoods who are committed to producing high quality, sustainable goods. We are proud to feature:

Donation Events

We support local events in line with our community values of sustainability, health, education, professional development, and the arts. 

Shack Events

Each of our shacks caters to the unique neighborhood it lives in. From Grill Night at our Park Slope shack to Crafts for Kids at our Bethesda shack, there’s something for everyone. Check out a location near you to see what’s coming up or our catering page to have your next event at one of our shacks!