We're Committed to Our Coasts

At Luke's Lobster, we work to preserve and strengthen our coastal communities for the future, to ensure we can keep bringing you the world's best tasting seafood.


Our natural waters are a key source of food, livelihood and beauty for people all over the world. We have partnered with The Ocean Foundation - an organization dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world - to make a long-term commitment to the coasts. Through our partnership and contributions to The Ocean Foundation, we will fund activities that: 

    Keep our coastal waterways healthy 

    Strengthen economic opportunities for fishing communities

What the Coasts Mean to Us

We started this business in 2009 to bring fresh-off-the-dock lobster rolls to seafood lovers everywhere. Since then we've cut out the middleman and opened our own seafood company, have formed industry-changing partnerships such as the Tenants Harbor Fisherman's Co-op and the Jonah Crab Fishery Improvement Project, and today work directly with fishermen to get the best quality lobster and pay them an above market rate for their catch. 

From our fishermen to our teammates, we are wholly dependent on the health of the oceans and economic viability of the lobstering industry. As we look to the future, we remain committed to our coastal communities: the people and towns where our seafood comes from, and the waterways in and around the cities we call home.  

Our Commitment

In 2018, Luke's Lobster will invest at least $35,000 to preserve ocean health and keep fishing communities strong. Together with The Ocean Foundation, we will identify, provide funding, in-kind support and industry expertise to support projects such as:

  • Coastal cleanups and data collection to address plastics pollution in our waters
  • Research projects on the impacts and reversing the trend of ocean acidification
  • Wharf improvement projects that increase quality of the catch
  • Training and assistance to lobstermen looking to diversify incomes through aquaculture
  • Educational events and programs focused on the value of choosing to eat sustainably-fished seafood

Our Impact

Follow this page to track our impact in the inaugural year of our partnership.

B Corp - Using Business as a Force for Good

Luke's Lobster is a certified B Corporation, a new type of corporation that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B corporations must meet extensive and transparent performance standards or environmental and social responsibility, transparency and accountability. 

From day one with only one small restaurant in New York’s East Village to now 28 restaurants and growing, a seafood company, and a fisherman’s co-op, we have always placed sustainability, transparency, social responsibility, and taking care of our people as core values.  B Corp validates our mission, and a restaurant's ability, to create positive change, not just to make a profit.

Read our Fact Sheet for commonly asked questions.

Tenants Harbor Fisherman's Co-op

In 2016, Luke's helped found the Tenants Harbor Fisherman's Co-op, which is the only fishermen’s Co-op in Maine to have a representative of a restaurant group and a seafood company on its board. As part of this partnership, Luke's Lobster purchases 100% of the Co-op's catch to be served in Luke's shacks across the country. Furthermore, fifty percent of profits from the Luke's at Tenants Harbor restaurant go to the fishermen’s co-op that operates at the adjacent wharf. 

The Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op is comprised of more than 20 members, including student members.  Lobsters caught by the Co-op are caught from all over Penobscot Bay, reflective of the different territory each member fishes. Fishing grounds include the waters off Matinicus Island and Green Island. 

Organizations We Support