Today, June 15 is #CanadianLobsterDay. 

We're celebrating Canadian Lobster on June 15th by giving the first 15 guests who wear a Canadian Tuxedo, in every shack, a FREE lobster roll!

Top and Bottom denim colors must match!
Terms & Conditions apply.  

Did you know there are in fact two lobster days we can celebrate?
National Lobster Day in America is September 25, when Maine lobster season hits its peak. But made-up-Internet "National" Lobster Day still happens on June 15. We're all about celebrating twice...there's just one problem: all the lobster you eat in June is from Canada. This year we're setting the record straight and christening June 15 Canadian Lobster Day to celebrate peak lobster season in the Great White North. 

It's just as good a reason to take down a lobster roll or two...but now you can do it while loving yourself in your finest denim.